Handicap Showers

Handicap showers offer the user much greater mobility and accessibility to the shower so they can easily bathe and clean themselves. Not only can handicap showers help prevent injury to the user or helper but also allows the individual to experience a higher level of independence and comfort.

Planning the development and selecting the option that will aid you the most and be of benefit to any others using the shower is important.

What Handicap Showers are available?

ADA Showers

Handicap showers are available with full accessibility and allow for a specially designed wheel chair to be entered easily. The showers are designed with this in mind and have water knobs and other accessories placed appropriately for the ease of use and access.

Assisted Living Showers

These showers are fitted with appropriate grab bars both vertically and horizontally and designed for users that simply need an extra hand when getting into and exiting the shower. They also feature a low threshold for easy access into the shower.

Barrier Free Showers

Barrier free handicap showers are designed to meet ADA dimensional guidelines and feature a very low threshold for easy access. Threshold adaptors can be used to minimize water getting out of the shower, making it easier to maintain. They can also be fitted with seats and bars for additional convenience and comfort.

Wet Rooms & Walk-in Showers

Wet rooms are watertight bathrooms without bathtubs and a designated showering cubical. The entire space is converted to allow the user access to a big shower space. Design of the wet room is very open and there’s a huge range of options available allowing for a very well presented space.

Walk-in Tub

Walk-in tubs are specially designed bathtubs with a watertight door on the side that can be locked and an built-in seat for the user. It also features a hand held shower for ease of use and surface with anti-slip flooring.

If fitting one of these you should take special care of the amount of space you have available and make sure the dimensions of the space is enough. You should also pay additional attention to the size of the bathtub and the user of the tub.

Handicap Shower Accessories

You can still customize your bathroom to be much more suitable for disabled showers without spending a fortune refurbishing your bathroom. Grab bars, anti-slip surfaces and flooring, hand-held shower heads a ramp or specially designed shower wheel chair will all help with this without breaking your budget. The advantage here is that you can also use these accessories in an existing home and modify your current bathroom.

What are the benefits of Handicap Showers?

The showers offer much more access for users with limited mobility and provide them with greater comfort and independence. Showers can be customized to cater for more able users with a variety of accessories.

How can I get a Handicap Shower?

The first step is to ensure it is something you can do in your existing home. Using a contractor with previous experience and that specialize in the installation of handicap showers would be your easiest option.

An alternative solution is to modify your existing bathroom with accessory fittings to enhance your accessibility, mobility and comfort. This may be suitable for some, whilst others may require a complete solution with full access to a handicap shower.

To get more information about handicap showers see a specialist to ensure all your needs are covered.